Bydgoszcz – cover of the well feeding the fountain from 1909

the city of Bydgoszcz ordered a brass plate, which is located on the old market square, interesting and aesthetic realization



Bydgoszcz – a plaque commemorating the victims of World War II

over two-meter brass plate weighing almost 360 kg is located on the Old Market Square in the city,
it was a real challenge, almost a month and a half of our most talented employee’s work was a success



Brass plaques ending EU projects

over the years of our activity, we have made many plaques to remain as a permanent reminder of the completion of works funded by EU,

we were able to execute projects for, among others:
• National Museum in Wrocław
• Gdańsk University of Technology
• Krakow aqueducts
• PKP (Polish State Railways)
• and many more



Warsaw – Powązki

one of the most interesting projects for us was the execution of tombstones for the graves of Home Army soldiers in the Warsaw cemetery,
this project was aimed at correcting personal data on the graves of the deceased, which we can read about in history books



Bydgoszcz – completion of the reconstruction of the main railway station

the plaque visible in the photo has been hanging for a few years now,
polishing paste and good felt are enough to restore its mirror shine,
one can risk a statement that such tables are eternal



The Higher Theological Seminary in Bydgoszcz

the newly established branch of the seminary was decorated with brass plates and letters about 300mm high at the very top of the entrance

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